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XBOX 360 Keyboard Mouse Interface Adaptor

Mr Bill

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I recall Dave talking about reviewing and adaptor for the XBOX that allowed a person to use a keyboard and mouse to play games vs. using the standard controller.

Does anyone know the manufacture of the unit that Dave was talking about?

I have a friend that would greatly appreciate a different way to control in the game other than the standard controller.

Thanks for your time.


Mr. Bill

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I second that request.

Because I use my xboxs as extenders and video content with the new interface I'm dying to hook them up to touch screens.

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@foy1der Yes, this is the one that I have right now. It's still under review. I can't get the mouse to function like I want but I may just have a crappy mouse. It's not as fluid of movement as I would like it to be. I'm testing Halo Anniversary on the Xbox. Keyboard movement and actions are perfect.


@no-control I've seen a lot of good press on the XIM3. Seems it's the one to beat. I just can't put out $150 right now to test it!

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    • jez77
      By jez77
      I personally feel after using my Surface for over two weeks that this product is ahead of its time.
      Just like Xbox was ahead of its time, when Nintendo and Sony dominated the gaming world and all gamers were like Microsoft can't just buy their way into the gaming industry with a powerful PC.
      And they did...
      They introduced Xbox Live and had an Ethernet port in the device way before anyone even considered online gaming with a console. High speed internet was just rolling out and then they charged you 50 dollars to play online. They had something there and bought into it and now look at where they are. Now the features that Microsoft created and supported, which people and reviewers then called crazy, expensive, niche have become industry standards for gaming.
      Similar to how games were becoming more multiplayer focused such as Goldeneye, WCW/NWO, sports games, Mario kart, super smash brothers, when Microsoft brought the idea of playing online. That niche market of multiplayer, at the time, became the driving force of the gaming industry is today with COD, Halo etc.  
      Now the Surface...why would people want power or productivity in a tablet? Ask the millions of people who bought Apple office suite for Ipad, photoshop app, IPhoto, IMovie all for Ipad. The Surface is where the (at least) 10 in plus screen tablet industry is going. The current Ipad market is all going to the 7 plus inch screen format while the 10 in screen is going to be for productivity. I feel this is a great time to enter as now the focus shifting away from 10in screen form and going to 7in screen form, allowing for the 10in screen to be for productivity and the 7in to be for consumption and games. Similar to the niche market that wants productivity, a keyboard, a full OS, speed, flexibility in the tablet form factor. This is where 10 in plus screen market is going to... productivity, business, home personnel use etc.
       A few other examples...
      Dare I mention Zune and it subscription based model.. now we have Spotify, Rdio, etc. Time will show that a merge of a laptop and tablet is what everyone wants and needs. The Surface with get thinner, faster and maintain a longer battery life through the iterations to come.
      Microsoft is not perfect  but I trusted them with Xbox and their support for the software, and innovations lead me to believe that the Surface will follow suite as we are just scratching the surface (pun intended) of Microsoft vision of a unified ecosystem.
      Now trust me Surface, Windows 8 and the Next Xbox are all going to integrate together, the tools and devices have been planted. I bet the Windows 8 store and Xbox store are going to be similar, if not based on the same architecture. 
      RANT BEGIN ( First I am sick of all these doomsday articles of Windows 8 is in dying and Surface is cool but its not selling as much as Microsoft wants. First Windows 8 is an operating system it is not an expansion pack to WOW. The adoption rate will increase as people by PCs for school, home etc. Just because a new OS comes out people do not throw their PC is the garbage or run out to upgrade an old PC (especially when it is not touch screen). The 1st IPAD was a big IPOD touch with a handful of apps such as Netflix, 4 plus generation and minor upgrades later it is a platform.
      On a side note I think Apple is in trouble as the magic that they had has gone with the late Steve Jobs, everything since has been pathetic tweaks (I think the punch everyone's been drink is getting a bit sour). I think Microsoft beat Apple to the punch of combining a touch and productive operating system. As Apple has been wasting incremental upgrades trying to make OSX into iOS with the gestures and such, Microsoft went all in with an operating system that can function in both environments, as when as ARM and mobile processors.
      I am sorry for my Apple rant but I am fed up with the public notion that everything Apple does is revolutionary. Some of it is, such as the 1st iphone, app ecosystem and 1st and 2nd gen Ipads. Apple will follow suite with a "productivity IPAD" Look how long it took them to release a 128GB (with flash not SSD memory) for A NICE $799. Not expensive though, but a 899 or 999 for full PC in the form of a tablet.. too expensive. Total double standard and not the same type of device so stop comparing .. "the verge, engadget.. etc"
      Today I downloaded a file from the internet, sent it to my home networked hard drive for backup, sent it wirelessly to my Canon/Brother (any) printer to print (oh not before hand writing a message on the photo), then dragged the file to my attached USB thumb drive to print at Target. I also plan to use the photo to write up Thank You and print them using a Avery printing template... all on my couch with a tablet.
      Just think how you would (with Apps.. and cost) or if you could do this with an Ipad. This is why the Surface is in a different league.) END RANT
      Well there is my rant, I will have more as I continue to read the internet, follow my tech news and use this wonderful tablet/PC from the future.
      Thanks for reading if you made it this far!!
      Great show SurfaceGeeks, I think you guys do a wonderful job sharing your opinions, advice and knowledge to all us Surface fans out there. Keep up the great work. And I love your tales from the Microsoft Store.. that should be a segment. Ha!
    • pointdooly
      By pointdooly
      Only $399.99 for Alienware Alpha System (Normal Reg price starting $500+) with Free Shipping!
      $399.99 = $549.99 - $50(Promo Discount) - $100 OFF Coupon | GMZWLHJ8V7K10$ (Exp 6/16),Tax in most states. 

      This is the box both Dewain and Dave talked about on Home Server Show 284(Plex in an RV via Synology and the HP Stream Mini Desktop)
       It is a Intel Core i3-4130T Dual-Core Haswell Gaming Console/PC bundled with Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.
      Featuring Steam games with or without mods on a TV and can also transform into a Windows 8 PC with keyboard & mouse.
        - Intel Core i3-4130T 2.9GHz Dual-Core
      - 4GB RAM; 500GB HDD
      - 802.11AC + bluetooth
      - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M+ Class 2GB GDDR5 GPU
      - HDMI; 2x USB 3.0 2x USB 2.0 - includes Xbox 360 wireless controller w/ USB adapter - 1 Year Warranty

      Here is the Product Page on Dell.com
    • cskenney
      By cskenney
      I have a new in box Xbox 360 4 GB Console with Kinect for sale.
      Box includes:

      Xbox 360 4 GB Console
      Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360
      Kinect Adventures game
      1-month Xbox Live Gold membership
      Xbox 360 Black wireless controller  
      Link to the Microsoft store for the product.
      I would like $199 for it plus shipping.
      Best price I can find it on the net right now is $299 or you could buy the console for $199 and try and find the Kinect sensor separately ($85 - $149 right now).
      DM me if you are interested and we can discuss payment options.
    • Dave
      By Dave
      Online code or free shipping on a card. Xbox Live Gold 1 Year $36
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