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While thumbing through the iTunes store I ran across a Free App & software by MMSoft called PC Monitor



After loading the program on your server/PC, it will securely report to your mobile device.

Has anyone tested this on V1 or V2? or any other Server's?


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Well, I guess I'm the Guinea Pig. So I d/l and installed this App on my WHS V1 @ Home as well as in the Office. So Far so good. I like the interface. I am impress with all the controls this program offers on both the desktop as well as my iPod Touch. There is a Lag from my Touch to the Server. That is, when you request info, it take a few moments to loop back and give the reply-expected. The nice thing was that I got notification that there was updates to be installed (after the required Dot Net 4.0 installation).

There is a lag when I did a reboot and received a system notification-about 3 minutes.

You can configure what notifications you get or want to get. You can pick and choose what needs to monitored.

I short, for Free, this is a very powerful application.

I'll update more as I continue to use this.

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More update.

There is a tab that tells you System info. Like CPU (by core), HD, Memory, Lan... Load by %, Temps in F or C. Even Fan Speed

Processes running,(you can even Kill a Process from your mobile device) Users Logged in, Event Log's-Very useful. Even Screen shots of what is being looked at from remote desktop.

You can view folders and files on the HD, but not open them.


If you manage multiple Servers, this software is even more useful. You can see, at a glance the health of each server you manage.

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Still been using this. It is now Feb. and I've had no issues. I've loaded Serviio on this box and have no conflicts.

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This actually looks pretty cool. I was curious to see the price point and ROI for the home vs the business version. Quite an interesting find, thanks!

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I have been using this for a couple of months... no issues. I can keep pc's updated remotely. You can add more pc's after the three free for $7/year and $6/year depending on quantity. Here is the site: http://mobilepcmonitor.com/


By option, if a program is installed... you get an alert. If a CD is put in or removed, you get an alert. Monitors temp's for the cpu and MB and reports the temps to you. Check for M$ updates... all from my Android phone.



All computer resources, network performance, IIS, Exchange, Active Directory and Hyper-V - just to name a few.

- View the status and uptime of all computers

- View the current CPU usage and usage history chart

- View the current available memory and usage history chart

- View the external IP address and the location on the map using GeoIP

- View ping round trip response time and response time chart

- View the status and browse the local hard disks

- View the services status

- View the network interfaces status and traffic chart

- View running processes

- View event logs

- View the scheduled tasks status

- View monitored ports status

- View all logged in users (local and remote)

- View hardware details like temperatures (system, CPU and HDD) and fan speeds (system and CPU)

- View the status of web sites and application pools in Internet Information Server

- View user accounts status in Active Directory

- View the list of locked user accounts in Active Directory

- View the list of user groups in Active Directory

- View and manage Windows updates

- View performance counters

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