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Problem booting OS after Highpoint 2680 RAID set up


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I'm having a problem booting into my OS since I installed and configured a RAID 5 array with a Highpoint 2680 card. The array creation process went well and the card recognizes the array but right after leaving the 2680 screen during POST all I get is a blinking cursor. If I unhook the drives form the 2680 I can boot just fine. In the system BIOS I have the proper drive designated as the boot drive too. The mobo is a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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A couple of updates. I did update the 2680 to the latest firmware v1.1 but that didn't help. Also disabled int13 as @Timekills suggested in this earlier post:




I didn't notice any speed up during boot on the 2680 screen during post. In any case that didn't help.


I do notice that the array is labeled as uninitialized in the 2680 screen during boot/post. Not sure if that makes a difference but I don't see any place to initialize the array.

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If by board you mean the mobo vs. the 2680 then it's set to AHCI...but I'm running the RAID from the 2680 not the motherboard. Do I still need to set it to RAID? The drives attached to the SATA ports on the mother board are not in a RAID configuration.

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Interesting update, I had a separate spinning disk connected to the mobo sata ports (this was my d: drive). Since nothing else was working I decided to disconnect it (I was clutching at straws at this point). That took care of the problem. I'm not sure why that made a difference but it did.

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Not sure if the RAID card was a red herring given what fixed the problem, but another way to speed up your boot time and prevent the RAID card from being checked for boot is to enable the Intel RAID option in BIOS, even if you're not using it as RAID. It will bypass the RAID card check. Of course, that also means you'd have to disable if you needed to get into the RAID setup before the OS booted.

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