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I am looking for a way to automatically move my windows media center recordings from one computer to my WHS 2011. I know windows media center integrates well with WHS and uses TV Archive to do this exact thing. However, personally I think its horrible. It completly slows down my media center as well as every extender.


I do not think it has anything to do with my media center PC as I am running a quad core CPU. Also my network is full gigabit.


For testing purposes I decided to manually move (drag and drop) 10 shows over to WHS. My media center PC and both extenders worked perfectly. So this leads me to believe that there is a mojor flaw in the TV archive feature.


In any event, is there another way to automatically move whats in my recordings folder to my WHS? Or is there a way to have the TV archive feature run at a defined time?

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My experience is the same as yours so I have turned off the archive feature. It was doing this on two i7's (client and server) on a gigabit switch. So yes, it is an issue with the software. Unfortunately I do not believe there is a way to schedule the service either.

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