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Do any of you guys (or gals) use or have any recommendations for GPS apps for iOS? I heard Dave talk about Garmin's I think on a recent HSS and also Navagon which a friend of mine recommended. I wanted to see if anyone else has had any experience/recommendations. Any pros/cons vs. standalone GPS? My wife and I currently have a standalone that I ended up giving to her. Of course that leaves me out in the cold if I end up lost or in need of direction. So rather than getting another standalone I thought we'd invest in software for our iPhones instead.


Thanks for any advice.

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iPhones have a map program that shows you how to navigate. Only problem is it doesn't talk to you. There is a paid app that talks to you that is pretty good. If I can remember the name of it I will post it for you.

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@ITTOG thanks. Yeah talking would definitely be important and realistically I need it for the iPhone. The iPad would just not be practical for us.

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I have been using Tom Tom. The iPhone is has always been pretty goood and now they have an iPad app. I really llike it and find it better than a dedicated portable. I still use the one built in to my car the most, but this is better than the hand helds I have tried.

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I use the Garmin 265WT. I prefer the stand along over a built in because I can get a new unit every few years when I want to upgrade maps and features easily. My son also uses the Garmin 265WT.


The traffic feature of the T series is very nice and very handy.


I have used the map app on the iPad and it is nice as long as you're in an area with good signals from cell towers. Out in the boondocks it's useless.

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Used built in GPS for Honda/Accord, built by Alpine I believe, it's terrible.

Motion X GPS for iOS has received a lot of positive reviews, although

I haven't personally used it.

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