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Just bought 2 WP7 phones!

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My wife and I are smartphone newbs. We recently got two HTC Radars as our first, because we are on TMobile. We love them. Some apps we loaded relatively soon were:




My Home Server

Shop Savvy

Fly Delta

App Flow

Cocktail Flow



Garmin StreetPilot




I hear Audible and Skype are coming soon.


Don't forget to get your free $25 app card here.

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incredible! There is no way for me to load my email onto this phone? Are you kidding me?


I have heard stories that there is an issue with certain corporate mail servers, something to do with signed certificates...


Are you running your own mail server?

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No way to specify the SMTP port. Same for SSL. I thought it was hard on the iPhone! This is just stupid. Completely cripples and otherwise excellent experience.

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