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I started collecting older Intel Processors. All the processors I have collected I owned in a computer at one time over the years. I could not see collecting the old machines lets be honest, who really wants to own an original IBM5150. What would you do with it?


So I started finding some of the processors, some of the not so old ones (last 10 years) are easy to find and cheap to free, but some are kind of expensive as the gold scrappers want them.


So my collection so far:








80287 (still don't have this one yet)











Pentium Pro


Pentium II


Pentium III (multiple units as it came in many form factors)


Pentium 4

Pentium HT

Pentium D *


Pentium D *

Core 2 Duo

Core 2 Quad (dont have this one yet in a display, still to expensive for that)


* The Pentium D, appears twice as I am not sure how to classify it, it was at the point when Intel had hit the Frequency/Speed wall and was just starting to figure out about going to multi-core processors. It is a Pentium 4 but, at the same time a different socket (478 vs 775). So I put it in both displays.


I also have a Intel Xeon PIII based unit as I owned one of these at one time also, there are guys out there that collect every variation, type and speed, but I decided to make my collection just the units I have personally owned.


Here is a couple bad pictures of the end results I will post better photo later, once I can get the settings on the camera right to remove glare.









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Ahh, the Tualatin. I remember upgrading my dual 733 PIIIs with Tuallys back around, oh 2002? The 733s were running at 1Ghz but those 1.2 dual Tualatins were smoking fast.


Very nice display!

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