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Home Server SMART v2 Bug - Fix Released


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I recently became aware of a potentially serious bug in the first gold release of Home Server SMART v2.0 (v2.0.8.25). The bug was one that may cause old, incorrect data to display in the UI if you replaced a disk without restarting the HSS service or rebooting the server.


The problem was that the UI code neglected to check the status of the "IsActive" flag, and thus it was possible for two (or more) disks to be saved in the Registry with the same "DevicePath" value (i.e. \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE3). If this happened, if the "old" disk had a device ID alphabetically earlier than the "new" disk, the UI code would encounter the "old" disk first and display its data. As an example, one person reported to me they replaced a disk with a bunch of bad sectors, only for the UI to tell them they had bad sectors on the brand new disk!


If the service was restarted or the server rebooted, the problem would not appear because the DevicePath field is always reset on a service restart or reboot; a service restart or reboot would also correct the problem. However, this was nonetheless a bug and thus demanded attention to fix.


The new release version is v2.0.10.28, and can be downloaded here: http://www.dojonorthsoftware.net/Freebies/dl/InstallHomeServerSMART_WHSv1_v2.0.10.28.zip


I apologize if the bug caused you any inconvenience.

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