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I would like to install Windows 7 Ultimate on one of my PCs (Lenovo X61 Tablet). Currently this PC is running vista ultimate and is being backed up by WHS. There is basically no data on this PC since I store everything on WHS.
1)Should I feel comfortable doing a "clean install" of W7 that wipes out the hard drive of this PC since, if something goes wrong the info is on WHS?
2)If something did go wrong, would it be as simple as "pushing a button" to restore the info on the WHS back to the PC and put it back lack it was?
3)My inclination would be to name the PC a different name and keep the old name on WHS (but turn off automatic backup) just in case I need to go back to it later.

Thanks in advance!

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1/ Yes, just wipe it, you're fine (I've done it twice in the this month when upgrading computers)
2/ Yup. Piece of cake. Just put in the restore CD and let it go
3/ You don't have to do that. My recommendation, do a manual backup before you install win7 and name it "Vista Backup" Then go into the console and set that backup to never delete. You can then use that image to restore at any time that you want to, even with the same PC name. The reason being is that when you go to restore, it asks you which backup you want to restore (you don't have to use the newest one) so you can just go back and select the "Vista Backup" that you did.

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Thanks so much! Just to clarify on #2: Where do I get the "restore CD"? Is that something that I have WHS create for my backup(s)?

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On my HP EX485 MSS the folder referenced by AJ contains a ReadMe.txt file. It contains the following message:

How to Create a Home Computer Restore CD

If there is a CD image file (RestoreCD.iso) in this folder, it is outdated.

To create a Home Computer Restore CD, download the ISO image file (RestoreCD.iso) from the Microsoft Web site at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=104683. Then you must write the file to a blank CD. You cannot use Windows Explorer to write the ISO image to the CD. Instead, you need a CD/DVD burner. Most CD/DVD burners include software that you can use to write the ISO image to a CD. Follow the instructions for your burner software, and select the option to write the ISO image rather than individual files.

Is the version of the restore CD going to vary depending on which power packs are installed?

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