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Rooted my Android Phone


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Over the weekend I finished rooting and installing a new OS ROMs on both of my Android phones.


I have a Nexus One and a HTC Inspire. Last week I rooted and installed the latest stable version of Cyanogenmod on the Nexus One as a test. It went very smoothly. The root was easy using the Android development kit and instructions from Cyanogenmod and xda-developers.com. Installing Cyanogenmod was even easier using the ROM Manager app. So over the weekend, I followed suit with the Inspire. The rooting was a little more involved, but not bad. How ever ROM Manager goofed up the Cyanogenmod install. The phone was stuck in a looping boot up. But the Cyanogenmod site had instructions on how to fix the install and I got it up and running with only a couple of hours of messing about.


So it got rid of all the bloat ware junk that HTC and AT&T install on the phone and according to benchmarks it is a little faster right off the top, maybe 5%. But the great thing about Cyanogenmod is that it lets you tweak things that you normally can’t adjust without other software, if at all. I can now put widgets on the lock screen or ditch the lock screen all together if I have security enabled. There are a lot of other tweaks, but my favorite is the over/under clocking feature in the OS. I could only boost the Nexus One 10%, but the Inspire could be boosted 50%. So it is now running at 1.5 Ghz and it now benchmarks faster than my dual core tablet. Cyanogenmod can also throttle the processor depending on need, slowing the processor down in stand-by mode. So after day with the Inspire running fast is seemed to actually have more battery life than it did under the HTC/AT&T version of the OS. It also seems to be more stable than the lastest update that I got from AT&T.


The big reason that I updated is that AT&T isn’t going to provide anymore updates to the phone, and I really want Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android. Cyanogenmod should have thier version of ICS out is 2-3 months. But I didn’t to too bad for updates from AT&T on this phone, since February I have gotten updates taking me from Éclair, to Froyo and to finally Gingerbread. The phone is more than capable of being a top tier phone for at least the next year and the end of my contract. Especially now with the processor boost.


I had always been under the mind set that I didn’t need to root my phone because it did what I needed and I didn’t need to mess with the rooting stuff. Well, take it from one of the converted. If your phone was introduced a year ago and you don’t expect any more updates from your provider, HACK YOUR PHONE.


One other piece of advice, use the Titanium Back app to back up your apps and data after you root. It makes it easy to reinstall you apps after installing a new ROM (you loose all you apps and data), plus you keep all you settings and data. So you don’t need to start over with Angry Birds. :)



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Droid X with MIUI ROM and Launcher Pro Plus. 100x better than

MotoBlur which I detested. Tried Liberty ROM and many more,

but stuck with MIUI.

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Guest no-control

meh....I did this with a droid (A855) ran cyanongen and then chevy SS. While the phone was a bit snappier at first as i loaded it up with my usual apps, contacts, music, email, etc... It slowed considerably. OC didn't really help, it just ate the battery faster. Kind of giving up on it and I'm just going to buy a new phone. While this may work with newer hardware for an older phone it doesn't impress.

The additional settings are nice and all if you like to constantly tweak the device. Which is typical android. I see the appeal of the platform its kind of lost its a shine for me. Too many times I've had to monkey with it to get basic functionality. Maybe "power" users like the constant adjustment and breakage that occurs with every new release. Not to mention it blows to buy a phone and feel like its already outdated 3 months later due monthly new releases.

This more of a opinion and my experience with rooting. I loved the results the 1st week i did it, now meh. Not advocating Apple either as I've owned an iPhone, the UI on iOS is dated and clunky I hate having to use it on my tablet. oh yeah iTunes...yuk

I'm going to take a chance on another windows phone (Titan) review coming soon to BYOB. Wife wants the 4S and still debating getting the kid an android or a dumbphone. So I may potentially be able to compare all 3 platforms side by side.


Odd that I'll tweak windows on my desktop heavily. slightly less so on my laptop, and on my phone its the last thing I want to mess with. The more portable the more I want it to just work. lol


Sorry for the counterpoint. To keep it on the android rooting topic I did love the clockworkmod recovery might want to give it a try.

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My Misses has a 4S. Tow days ago she was using an app on my phone that is also avalible for iOS and said them phone responded faster than her 4S.

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