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Need Advice on Network Setup


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So I currently have a Custom Server Running WHS2011 specs are


Intel 2600k

8GB Ram

15x2TB Drives in Raid 6

Intel Quad Nic


I also have a Dell T710 (got for free) with 2x Intel X5690's

32GB Ram

8x2TB SAS Drives

Intel Quad Nic


What I'm looking to do is setup replication between the WHS machine and the Dell Machine. No I know DFS wont work without a Domain so what I'm trying to determine is do I copy the data over to the Dell and rebuild the WHS box as say Windows Storage Server? If yes what version I have access to pretty much everything MS for free (Gold Partner) I'm really looking for some help with the overall plan so I don't end up with a OH crap I forgot to do xyz


Step 1 Upgrade Dell to AD Just use basic 2008R2? also Should the Dell base OS be the DC? or Should I create a VM as the DC? (Planned on installing Hyper V on the Dell)

Step 2 Copy Data from WHS Should I create a VM of Storage Server? or Another 2008R2 for data replication?

Step 3 Rebuild WHS as WSS enable DFS pointing back to Dell again VM or Base OS?

Step 4 Join all PC's/laptops to Domain Do things like Xbox's etc work find on a Domain enviorment?


I need to make sure I get this right I don't want to lose my data ( I do have an off site back up at a friends house (Delta Copy) but it would take 2+ weeks to replicate back

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Have you considered using either WHS Essentials or Small Business Server? Both will satisfy the AD requirement. As long as all of your clients are at least XPSP2 and no "Home versions", you will be able to join to a domain.


DFS comes into play when users have no need to know which server is holding the data. Just create the root and the name spaces and publich them.

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I agree with jmwills but but know DFS requires enterprise not standard for the root hub server , it is what I use at work for backing iup 8 remote file servers to a central servel for backup to tape.

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yeah Im not worried about users seeing the data as one folder its the replication function I'm looking for I need to replicate 12TB of data between 2 serevrs So I don't lose anything.


Technet is the one thing i never seem to login to. I use MSDN and Partner Network.


So any feedback on the upgrade plan?

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