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AOC e1649Fwu USB Monitor 16" only 8 watts of power


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Something for conversation. I ran across this USB powered 16" monitor that would make a great additional monitor for any setup but what about considering it for a Windows Home Server?




It draws only 8 watts of power and is powered only by USB. What would be great is if you could remove your video card from your WHS to further reduce power draw and use this by itself. I'm not sure it's possible but seems like a good idea for those that are power conscious. I saw a Windows 7 badge so I assume the driver would work on a server. Honestly, i didn't research it much so opening it for conversation!


I found it while looking for this monitor: http://www.engadget.com/2011/11/19/the-aoc-aire-pro-a-23-inch-ips-monitor-for-199/#continued

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I like for what ikon said. Better yet for those who store the server in a cabinet or closet can run a small USB us. Via USB extenders ans have a keyboard mouse and monitor run via a single cable

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