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Going 2011, sort of, kicking an screaming


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I finally broke down and bought Windows Home Server 2011 so I can work on porting my add-ins to 2011. I have had nothing but trouble so far.


For my development I have been using Windows 7’s Virtual PC to run WHS V1 to do testing before I put the add-in on my production EX 490. But with 120GB limit for Virtual PC, I can’t run 2011 this way. So I pulled a old AMD 64 out of mothballs to setup at a dev box, I wasn’t going to need a load of horsepower of testing. I immediately started having problems booting from the install DVD. I found that Microsoft has messed with the boot sector so that it won’t work with old motherboards. So I can’t even start to install it. There are ways around it, but I don’t want to deal with work arounds.


So today I went to Microcenter and picked up a cheap Asus motherboard to run my original Celeron CPU from the 490 and 4 GB of ram so I can build a 2011 dev box. I just have to say thanks to Microsoft for making this so easy. :P


The dev box is going to be:

Asus P5G41T-M LX

Adata DDR3-1333 Dual Channel 2GB x2

Reused Intel Celeron 450 Single-Core

Reused WD 320GB SATA HD (No RAIDing)

Reused Case

Reused PSU


I’m not leaving V1, it is still going to be my primary home server. 2011 so far doesn’t offer me anything to get me to switch. But for writing software I need to add it.

For V1, I have File management robot add-in that I’m currently testing and a significant over haul of Poca in progress. With some luck, one or both may drop before the end of the year.

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Glad to see you're working on the add-ins for 2011 :)


I think you're being a tad harsh on MS. If it was Apple you wouldn't have even tried to boot that DVD cause there's no way it would work. On the other hand, I did install Server 2008R2 onto an Athlon 64 recently. I had to get a new mobo, but only because the original one was actually toast; burnt capacitors around the CPU socket.

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