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Remote web access error


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I have attempted ot fix my error message for about a month now with out any success.


Im currently running whs 2011 with a PK5000 modem/router through centry link.


The strange part is even with the error messages everything works as it should. I can connect outside my network fine. I would love to clear up the error if anyone has any ideas.


I have configured the router with UPnP enabled. I get the following message, Remote Web Access to your server is blocked. I called Century link and they assured me they do not block any ports.


I have tried it manually and receive the same error as above and your router is not configured correctly.


I have released my domain and tried both manual and UPnP with no luck and vise versa. I have a static IP adress. Have no issues with pinging my address and no issues with ports. I have ported manually 80/443/4125.


I'm out of fresh ideas. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Completed a trace route, worked great. The account I created when setting up remote web access under windows live does state, "pending DNS configuration" Is there a resolution for that? I'm up tp trying anything at this point.

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I too would like to see how this gets resolved. My Untangle router doesn't support uPnP (and I wouldn't use it if it did anyway, except maybe to let it get the router configured, then turn it off). It's not a big deal to me because I really never try to access my LAN via the Web Access Client; I pretty much always RDP in, which works fine. Still, it would be nice to have it cleared up.

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I am having a similar issue. I am running WHS 2011 and before i was able to access the RWA website no problem, then one day im trying to access it from work and i get an Error 500 - internal server error. I have tried reconfiguring my router both the manual way (TCP Port forawrding 80, 443, 4125, and even the old port 3389) and using Upnp. I can RDP from work just fine to my computer at home but i cannot access my Remote Web Access Interface anymore. Running Diagnostics on my server, i can access the web through internet explorer, but my dashbord says that the router is not configured and that the ports are blocked, but everything else i look at indicates otherwise.



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