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Mr Pleasant

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Just embarking on a big home server adventure, but results are already mixed. The main thing I want working flawlessly is streaming via ethernet from an atom-based WHS 2011 box to a streamer. The streamer at present is an Xtreamer Sidewinder MkI, but obviously that could change at any point as it's pretty old hat now. The questions are mainly directed at the server itself. I'll try to keep this brief, but I guess if the technical background isn't adequate it will just create confusion. Please bear with me...


The server has four drives which contain various serverfolders. The one I'm most interested in contains HD movie rips (MKV). I don't seem able to see these via the streamer's uPnP menu option, though I can see the folder titles that way. (When I click on them they appear empty even though they are not.) Not too concerned at the moment because I CAN see all titles via the streamer's Network Shares option. On the server, I have media sharing turned on and the quality setting set to Medium since the atom processor, I'm advised, won't go better than that. I'm not even convinced this matters, because if I'm not accessing the files via uPnP I'm guessing things like DLNA are not being utilised and possiblly not even the media server on the box - the streamer is simply helping itself to the file via the network share and doing what it has to do - ? That would be good news for a low-powered processor?


Basically, I just want to do this the optimum way. DVD rips play perfectly, but I have seen some stuttering on Blu-ray rips. I'm currently twenty minutes into a Blu-ray rip via network share and have not yet seen any stuttering, but on the previous title I got some bad bouts of it. I should point out that the server had only been booted up for about ten minutes at that point. Is it possible there was some OS activity going on which interrupted things?


I may not have expressed myself overly clearly here, with simple, direct questions, but that's largely because I don't fully know what's significant and what isn't. Anyone who glances at this and has any thoughts, I'd be glad to hear them.

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My first thought is to verify/eliminate networking as a potential issue. I suggest you try copying some large files from you server to your streamer (if it has a hard drive) or to a PC connected to the network jack used by the streamer and figure out how many MBytes/sec you're getting.

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