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I'd love to get some feedback on what people thought of it. My current list of topics for article #2 are:
*ipv4 & ipv6
*Jumbo Frames
*MAC address
*Routing Tables
*Subnet Mask

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I guess I will jump on this given no one else has.

I thought the article was great for beginners. For the most part it was very concise and straight forward. Only thought I had while reading it was you should have identified DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

My thought for the next article is to take the same article and get more in depth with it. You might even talk about the different tools one can use to trouble shoot networking problems. As for an item(s) from your list; routing tables, subnet mask, vpn, and udp/tcp.

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Guest no-control

I'm not sure where you want to go with it. I would keep it on beginner/enthusiest topics. More of a practical guide neat little tips that a Joe(or Jane) doesn't really know, but enhances the system as a whole. I do like the idea of tools for trouble shooting.

"Express lane your tasks with QoS"
"How to set up a VPN on your router"

not much of a header but you get it.

I don't know that you want to get too in depth, unless this is going to become a loooong running series of articles. But then again you like to post right??? ;) Explaining subnet mask, "octets", ipv6(is anyone outside of telecom using it?), etc... I would think for a Home network subnet = don't mess with it, should be sufficient.

Obviously there are quite a few of us "geeks" here, but as a home server show. I would bring it down to a level for the guy who knows just enough to be dangerous.

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If you're using Windows 7 and homegroup, then you're using ipv6. I know because my work laptop used to block all ipv6 traffic until I complained and they adjusted the corporate firewall.

Thanks for the input though. I might hit you up once I have the draft finished.

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Guest no-control

Well then forget everything I said I don't know what i'm talking about. I had no idea homegroups were using ipv6. Consider me schooled lol :D

Any resouce I can provide feel free to hit me up.

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I'd like to hear about UPnP. I hear Steve Gibson say to disable it, but I really don't see the practical need. So maybe you could lay out what UPnP is and how it makes life easier. Then suggest some scenarios where you think it might be better disable, if in fact you think it should be for security's sake.

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Just to add some additional thoughts to UPnP enable/disable. One school of thought is to disable it as a security measure. This prevents any malicious program that ends up on one of your computers from opening up ports on your router without you knowing it.

I think home networking explanations could be full time job.

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@cskenney - Yes, that was my understanding, something I had heard from Security Now. Since I'm pretty careful in my surfing/email habits, I've long since decided to leave it on because it was easier for others in the household not to have to manually set port forwarding.

AJ, that's a pretty good list. Another one I'd like to understand is jumbo frames. How it's useful, when it's advantageous, when it's not.

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