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Hyper-v hardware requirements


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Hi there, I plan to create lab pc, as far as i know Hyper-v requires DEP, and hardware assoc. virtualisation, How i can check if the setup that i want to buy will have this features ? I’m really confused which cpu and motherboard to buy, i do not want to loose my money, is there any rule in the cpu, motherboard ? i cannot find this in the specifications. which motherboards and PC form AMD or Intel will support this ?




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The CPU specs will state if it supports virtualization or not. These days, it would be hard to find any second generation i Series (Sandy Bridge LGA 1155) that does not support it. Just check the specs.

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Thanks for reply jm !

So the only thing i need to check is a processor ? how about the chipset ? Im planning to buy core i7 or Phenom II, so due to your response there should'nt be any problem with this.




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If the CPU is supported and the board supports the CPU.....................most second generation Sandy Bridge boards will suit you just fine. if you check some of the sig liines of the BYOB posters, you will see the equipment they are using. I amusing a Gigabyte GA-H55-USB3 ATX MOBO with a first gen i5-760.

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Thanks, actually i planned 2 setups:

-Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 with Intel Core i7 950 4x3.06

-Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3 with AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2


I read a lot on the internet and it seems that Hyper-V will run on this, but anyway i just wanted to confirm, becouse i do not want to lose my money :)

By the way, will i feel any difference between this two setups on my hyper-v server ?

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Don't buy any "K" series Sandybridge processors. They aren't fully VT-d compliant and have issues with supporting hardware pass-through. I.E. buy an i5 2500 but not an i5 2500K.

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Don't buy any "K" series Sandybridge processors. They aren't fully VT-d compliant and have issues with supporting hardware pass-through. I.E. buy an i5 2500 but not an i5 2500K.


Apparently virtualization and overclocking are incompatible.

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Thanks guys!, you really helped me, shop assistant was trying to convince me that Core i7 2700K is better than Core i7 2700 and the price is similar :) i've taken Core i7 2700, it will come tommorow :)

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      Hello and good morning / afternoon.
      We are experiencing problems when adding a Hyper-V host in to a SCVMM (Both 2016)
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      My question to the community is whether has anyone successfully installed/ran these solution off this server? if yes, what are the considerations for installing VMware ESX/Citrix XenServer that one must keep in mind?
      If the ML10v2 hardware is not capable of installing/running/hosting these bare metal solutions (VMware/XenServer) than what is the minimum hardware requirement to be considered before purchasing another server. Please consider the fact that this is a home lab and I have limited budget of around 1000-1500 USD (500 already spent) and have to meet the needs first and wants later. 
      Consider me a newbie here and if I have missed any information to be provided, please let me know. Any help/advice is much appreciated, Thanks in advance.
    • noober69
      By noober69
      Hi, I have a new ML10v2 and am trying to consolidate all my servers onto this little box as much as possible.
      I currently actively use:
      HTPC server (N54L win 10, 8TB of movies and tv shows, networked to my smart TV that runs a Kodi app). Runs about 12hr/day and doesn't do anything  but serve up HQ MKV files (ie 10gb 1080p movies).
      Home server (N54L WHS2011, 8 TB of backup data for client windows pc's.  Data for backup is mainly family photos and video, but could include some of my movie library.  Also used for bitorrent and usenet client.) Runs 24/7, and is slow.
      I have win 10 laptop and desktop which I use for work and play, so the servers do not get used for games, watching vids etc.
      Requirements for new ML10v2 server:
      Consolidate functions as above.
      Maintain OS and data backups of 2 windows client pc's.   
      Hold and serve video files for Kodi across my GB lan network.  
      Run SABNZBD+ for d/l media.  Maybe also some torrenting which I do infrequently. 
      Would be on 24/7 and would need to do several things at once.
      New ML10v2 has 16gb ram, intel G3240 dual core, ~10tb HDD (before I scavenge the old N54L drives), and a M1015 giving me about 8-10 HDD connections. I am thinking of a low end xeon (1220) and a dual port intel nic as well.
      I have put Xpenology on the ML10v2 for a play and it seems to sync client data and serve movies to the tv well. I like its interface and it seems it could take care of SAB, and torrents.  Not sure if that can be done all at once, which it would need to do. Probably can't do Windows OS backups and not sure about proper data backups of photos etc.
      So I am thinking I would like to have my ML10v2 act as a single server to replace the 2 N54L boxes.
      I have a dreamspark license so I believe I can get Windows Server 2012 R2 in any flavour for free.  I would prefer not to spend money on licenses if I don't have to, but want something reliable.  I currently remote into each box via client pc/laptop for management.
      My initial thoughts:
      Option 1: install exsi on the bare ML10v2, then install Xpenology as a VM. Also install Win Sever 2012 (or win 10/whs2011 at a pinch) as another VM for OS backups.
      Option 2: Install Win Server 2012 baremetal (or win 10?) with Hyper-V and then install Xpenology on top as a VM. 
      I want the lowest maintenance solution.  I am not sure how hard the above is to setup and maintain. I am also not sure whether the system could handle all these tasks anyway, so I seek advice.
      I have set up my system myself and tweaked it and everything works fine.  I have limited knowledge of Linux, and no understanding of VM.  I do not work in IT as a job, so solutions that require registry hacks, knowledge of CLI commands etc are not going to be easy for me to use.
      I could just keep 2/3 different servers but I would prefer to consolidate into one box if possible. 
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