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Highpoint RocketRaid 640 Hanging


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I've just set-up a Hyper-V server that is running WHS 2011 as a VM. I've got the above RAID controller with 4 WD EARS 2TB drives in a single RAID 5 array and I'm seeing the array hang on me every few days, usually in the middle of the night about the time WHS is doing backups (no idea if that is related, it has failed at other times as well).


When it hangs the Highpoint WEB GUI software shows no problems, the array looks good, there is nothing in the Highpoint log. In the Event Log on the hyper-v server I see the following error:

\Device\Scsi\rr64x2, did not respond within the timeout period


The only way I've found to get it back is to reboot the server but this hangs as well (can't shutdown the hyper-v server) and I have to hit the reset switch.


Anyone got any ideas? I tried running the WD TLER tool to set the TLER time-out but these are newer EARS drives and the tool doesn't work.



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I may be way off on this but , see what EARS drives do to conserve power like sleep/park also any sleep options in OS and BIOS

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Hey Glenn


I am having the same issue ! did you ever find a fix..

My homeserver with the same HighPoint Raid Controller does the same thing every 3 or 4 days and I have to cycle power to get the D (HighPoint Raid Drive) drive back again


Thanks Rob

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Need more information about your setup. Have you disabled all power savings, spin down etc. Have you updated to the latest firmware/Driver? Using the spindown utility from WS does improve stability however this seems a bit more severe. It sounds like you have some other issues possibly software related.

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