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Update to Transcoder WHS.


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I posted and update the the Transcoder add-in.


One medium level fix. A couple of UI tweaks.


I also removed a parameter from the default presets that cause new versions of Handbrake to fail. Unfortunately this is only fixed for new installations, not for existing installs, unless you remove the configuration files from you server's C drive.





- Fix problem with post transcode file management. App was trying to rename or

delete the source file so quickly after the handbrake process that the OS

would some times show the file was still locked. This had caused the app to

not manage the source files until the next time the app checked the folder

for files to process and seeing that a file had already been converted. This

resulted in a problem if the mp4 file had been moved from the target

directory and causing the app the re-transcode the source file again.

- Very minor UI tweeks.

- Removed know bad parameter (-P) from install time default presets that is

incompatible with newer version of Handbrake. Change will not be reflected

in upgrade installations. Manually remove the -P parameter from the presets.



Bill Rockhold

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