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Home audio from your WHS


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For the diehard DIY' ers!


This is a interesting device that would require some code written.

I built them for a customer that went belly up. I have lots..........and lots


It is a 8 x 8 Analog Audio Matrix switch.

Control is by ethernet. It also has a small built-in web server if you want to controll it through a internel web-server.

It has gain control on both the ins as well as outs and you can also mute each output.


I have one hooked up to the server with local and remote sources runing into it. Two Ethernt controlled FM tuners, iTunes and three other (zones) computers. I'm also messing around with a dedicated Squeezebox server attached.

Fun :S


If youre interested I can give you the .net code and software harness to see what it can do and to write your SW from there.




If you want to write code to share with other WHSers, the price is $0.00 plus shipping.

Otherwise if you may or may not write code or just want to play around with one and use the software harness then the price is $36.00 each.

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