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WHS2011: Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware Options


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I'm having difficulty tracking down proper protection software for WHS 2011. Does anyone know of out-and-out supported and successful anti-virus and anti-malware solutions for WHS 2011?


I use MSE on all my in-house PCs along with SpywareBlaster and Spybot Search & Destroy with great success. I have an old SBS 2003 server on which I'm using Rising Anti-Virus due to lack of a bank account for server-based AV. None of my PCs are outright clients of the SBS server nor are they members of its domain, so I don't think the SBS needs more anyway.


I appreciate any suggestions and success stories!



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This forum has several options. I have been using the small business version of AVG without a glitch. The new new file server version 2012 now has direct support for the SBS line of products. Although it does not list WHS 2011 it does list SBS 2011 and the product works fine.

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I can do others that work fine. That doesn't sound "supported". And the server versions of most products want a number of clients listed in their licenses and charge accordingly. I simply want server protection, not client protection. So far, I'm tempted to fall back on Clam or Rising.


Thanks for your experience, though.

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I think Joe Miner has been using ForeFront (Microsoft) quite successfully. There was a thread started a few weeks back on this subject.

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Forefront - other than the trialware version - seems to be something one can only get via Technet? And I've yet to see that it's truly supported on WHS 2011...

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I am using Forefront. Tinkerguy did a great walk through on installation.

Not sure if it is available outside of Technet or not

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Thanks. Still unsupported from all I can decipher. If I'm forced to go unsupported, it's unlikely I'll pay for it. Rising or Clam will get installed until something truly supported comes out, I think.

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The other school of thought is that if the server is only being loaded with files that first pass through from a client, and the client is clean, the server will be clean.

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