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WHS 2011: OS Drive Mirror - OS or Controller?


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I'm new to WHS but not server tech. In all candor, it has been a few years, though.


I'm building my first WHS (2011) based on an MSI H67MA-35. I'm planning on mirroring two 3Gbps SATA WD 320GB drives for the OS (drive C:) and using a single 6Gbps SATA WD 2TB drive for storage.


I'm looking for folks' lists of advantages/drawbacks most specifically as they relate to managing a drive failure and replacement. Using the OS, it seems to me at first blush, would make it all dependent upon a GUI and very straightforward.


Anything else I should consider?



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Ah. OK. Well, you won't be able to mirror those drives using Windows. Windows won't let you mirror the system drive - I tried it recently and Windows just doesn't give you the option in Disk Mangler.


That leaves you with just the onboard RAID option, unless you want to install a RAID card.


I have my own WHS2011 set up using the Intel ICH7R RAID1 feature of my mobo to mirror 2 Maxtor 250GB drives. It hasn't happened yet, but I presume I will get a warning from the system if one of the drives fails.

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Really? Not an option? I thought folks on here were talking about using the OS. Perhaps my choice is made for me, eh? Thanks for your experience!

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Most everyone has been using the IcyDock adapter for OS mirroring (see my sig line) with laptop drives. Works great and installs in seconds.

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Interesting. Thanks. I have my 3.5" 320GB drives in-hand though so I'm going to waste space, apparently. *Laugh* No big deal. It's all going into a circa 1997 tower case with acres of 5.25 drive bays. I purchased 5.25-3.5 bay adapters for just this purpose.


I'll be keeping those in mind when I add drives to PCs in the future.



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You could still RAID 1 those OS drives off the MOBO and use a controller card for the data drives. Nothing wrong with repurposing an old case. I wish I could find the right MOBO and PSU combo to update an almost 10 year old Dell 600SC case.

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I'm going to RAID 1 the 2 OS drives. The question was whether there was an advantage to using the OS over the MB. But, if WHS 2011 is incapable of mirroring (how silly is that? No drive extender OR mirroring???) then the MB it will be.


Data will be on the single 2TB. I have visions of the upgrade after that being RAID 5 of some 3TB drives. But, we'll see what time and finances dictate.



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Guest no-control

I mirror system drives all the time inside windows and WHS. We talk about it several times on BYOB. You can mirror the OS drives using the OS and then just attach the 2TB data drive. Don't spend money on a RAID controller until you have more drives. I would highly recommend getting a second 2TB drive and mirror tha as well until you upgrade to the storage.

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