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Solutions to problem WHS2011 CD load on new 3core AMD build


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Foxconn A74ML-K v3 mobo

AMD Athlon II X3 445 Rana

4GB ddr2

Pair SATA Seagate 750Gb raid 1

Samsung SH-222A PATA DVD-Burner

Rosewill box with 450W P/S

WHS2011 OEM System Builders pack (PN: CCQ-00128 Build date 08/31/11)


Now to roll on WHS2011 --BTW all from NEWEGG.COM


Started the install- loaded the WSH2011 disk in the DVD drive and off we went- Saw the mirrored 750Gb disks... whirred and whirred seeming a long time ..then a screen came up that stated:


DRIVER REQUIRED FOR CD-DVD DEVICE... insert floppy, cd or removable memory. you can remove installation disk at this time- Browse- Cancel- OK- blah-Blah....


Well, off I went ... looking for drivers for that Samsung SH-222A... found none on the internet. found that the correct driver under device is cdrom.sys. Standard stuff from Microsoft..


It seemed strange I could load the part of the installation than it was asking me for a specific driver and not going any further...


I wanted to use PATA DVD because I wanted to keep the 4 SATA for disk raid1 storage and that requires 2SATA per mirror RAID1.


Solution.... tore down my 6 core AMD and took out the LG SATA DVD burner and placed it in SATA3. The build went fine...

Now I read about some screwy things about WHS2011 installs-- like you have to set time zone to Pacific..

but..... the WHS2011 installation disk does not have PATA CD-DVD drives but does have SATA!!!!


So you know- once WHS2011 was loaded and up. I reverted back to the SH-222A drive and guess what-- Device drivers shows the drive just fine. The OS found the DVD burner without intervention using the cdrom.sys driver. There are different build versions between the SATA and PATA cdrom.sys drivers.


I loaded a few cd-dvds.. and ran NERO TOOL KIT - NERO CD-DVD TEST.. The drive is just fine..


So the moral of the story is SATA DVD not PATA DVD for the install..

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