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    • Calby
      By Calby
      Here is some new drivers and Firmwares that I have find that are newer then the once that was on the SPP.
      The new drivers are
      Ethernet Firmware (Only Windows) (EXE-file) Ethernet Driver (Only Windows) (EXE-file) Graphifc Drivers (Only Windows) (EXE-file)  
      The link also inkludes
      Intelligent Provisioning 1.70.63 (All OS) (ISO-File)  
      Install instruktions
      If you 'll download and install the Firmware and driver for the Ethernetcard, make sure that you install the Firmware and reboot the server before you update the drivers.
      The Intelligent Provisioning update is a bootable ISO-file.
      So just mount the file in your iLO remote console and then choose to boot the server from the DVD (mounted ISO-file) then follow the instructions.
      Download link
      Download instruktions
      You can if you want donwload each file by it self or you can download all of the files in one zip-file.
      If you want to download the files in a zip-file just click on the Green link that says "ZIP" at the right on the download site and the server will zip the files for you and start a download for you.
      Every file is named like this HPesOwnPacketName_Version_FW/driver.exe everything so you can see the info about the files.
      I'll continue to upload the newest drivers and firmwares for our beloved HPe Microsoerver gen8.
    • pantoast
      By pantoast
      TL;DR Using Genius Pensketch 9x12 with Surface seems to cause driver conflict with Photoshop CS6.  It appears that only the Surface itself or the Genius tablet can have pressure sensitivity in Photoshop, not both.  Wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue and if it can be fixed.
      My wife is a professional illustrator and we recently bought a used Surface Pro 2 from a co-worker of mine.  The thought was to make the Surface her primary desktop, with the added benefit of portability.  We bought her a USB3 docking station and overall everything worked great.  That is until last weekend we went away and she wanted to sketch in Photoshop (CS6) while on the go.  We had done this successfully before setting it up as her primary workstation, so we assumed there would be no issue now.  When she tried to sketch there was no pressure sensitivity in Photoshop, but it works in other apps like Fresh Paint.
      She has a drawing tablet she uses day to day, the Genius Pensketch 9x12.  You have to install new drivers for it when you first use it in order to get pressure sensitivity to work for it in Photoshop.  Uninstalling the drivers for that tablet appears to fix the issue with the Surface's digitizer, but that's not ideal as she uses the Pensketch every day for work.  It's also not ideal to lose pressure sensitivity when using the Surface itself in Photoshop, as that was the whole point of buying one in the first place.
      Anyone experience something similiar to this?  Sorry for the long winded post, thanks.
    • FestusGerber
      By FestusGerber
      I bricked my Surface Pro 2 all by myself.  I have tried various techniques from the Microsoft site.  Basically, I get to a point where either my system drive is locked or I am asked for drivers so the machine will recognize drives. If I don't use a USB drive to boot, the machine goes to the UEFI screen.   Any ideas or help available? - Steve
    • RobWu
      By RobWu
      HI all,

      I know this has come up a couple of times, but I haven't found a solution for this so far.

      I have my clients pc's connected to the server, but not in the domain.
      This worked just fine, but (and I suspect recent updates on the Win 7&10 clients) all of a sudden my NIC's DNS settings are reset to the server every time I (re)start a PC.

      As I don't want to check up on this, and change it back to the ISP values every time I start a PC, is there someone who has a working way around this?


      p.s. Just found out there's a update for the connector (KB 3172614). Not sure if this will fix the DNS issues as well though...
    • dvn
      By dvn
      I was wondering if someone could help me out. I want to make sure I understand what is happening here.
      I am trying to sync folders between SkyDrive and Dropbox. I used the command mklink to create what appears to be a sync relationship, but I'm not sure this is what I've accomplished. I rather suspect that no matter which folder I drop a file in, it ends up (eventually in the case of larger files) in the destination Dropbox folder.
      This is the command I used:
      C:\Users\Rich\SkyDrive>mklink /j mySyncFolder C:\Users\Rich\Dropbox\mySyncFolder (The Dropbox folder existed prior to issuing the command, although I found that I could create a Dropbox folder afterwards and the link would still work.)
      What I observed was this: when I deleted the linking folder (terminology?) from SkyDrive, as long as the Dropbox folder had finished uploading/syncing the files, all files remained in Dropbox folder. It made no difference that some files were added via SkyDrive and others directly, all files seemed to have found their way to the Dropbox folder and so remained once the SkyDrive folder was deleted.
      My question is this: Can someone comment - This a one-way link relationship, right? Such that a file dropped into either folder ends up in the destination folder only? There is no syncing going on here, only linking to a folder to which all files eventually migrate to?

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