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Slow Remote Access? (Tweaks?)


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Folks, I'm new to WHS2011. I went with it instead of another Win7x64 machine because of its many features. I'm running it on a Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R board, Q6600, 8GB ram, and a few 20 TB of storage. I have a direct Cat5 line plugged in to it from my router which in turn is directly plugged into my main machine that I use to manage it.


I'm getting very slow to respond Remote Access. I was using MS Remote Access but switched to RAAdmin thinking that MS program was slow. When I mean slow, think your machine is pegged at 80-90 CPU usage - the mouse stutters, programs take about 10-15 seconds to open. Mouse clicks don't register for seconds...


Now, I've opened task manager - nothing is using the CPU. The machine is idle - not even scanning disks.


So what can I do to improve the response time of Remote Access?

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