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Verizon iPhone 4 for sale


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I'm putting my iPhone 4 up on the market. It's a Verizon 16GB version. It's free and clear of a contract so all you have to do is walk into a Verizon store and get an account. Includes original box, charger, cable, and earbuds. It's about 6 months old and still under warranty.


Glass is perfect. Zero scratches or scuffs. The stainless steel band around the phone does have some scuffing due to removing the bumper case.


I'm only considering the sale to individuals I know here on the boards. You pay shipping to your location. $350. I have it listed on craigslist for more than this. Local pickup also allowed.


PM me if you are interested.



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    • pointdooly
      By pointdooly
      $0.01 for Nexus 6 via Costco online on a 2 year contract for new customers and upgrades.

      It even comes with
      - Nexus 6 Phone(Black 32GB)
      - FREE Bluetooth headset
      - FREE Accessory Bonus Pack** including a dock and car charger
        (**Contents of bonus pack vary by device. Also available in warehouse.)
      - Only for Verizon for this deal.
      Yes, you need a Costco Membership for this deal.
      I do really wish I could get this deal with different carrier(AT&T). I already tried my AT&T representative - they can't match.
      Yes, the price is too extremely low to match.
      Hope it helps, specially Dave who is still on Verizon, right?

    • dvn
      By dvn
      At the end of Meetup 2013 on Saturday (yesterday), we all trundled over to the Microsoft Store and a few of the guys picked up some $99 no-contract Lumia 520 phones, and at least one person picked up the Lumia 1020. I wisely picked up a Lumia 928 for $0 and received a $50 gift card which I then put down on a wireless charger, essentially getting both for free with a 2-yr Verizon contract. Sweet phone. Sweet deal. Plenty of slaps on the back from my compadres. Life = good.
      I fully charged it overnight. At 7 am this morning, I pulled the phone from the charger, and jumped on a jet headed back to Maine. The phone was off part of the time (probably 45 minutes total) and in airplane mode for ~3 hours. By the time I arrived home the battery level was at < 10%. We're talking 7+ hours of on time where 3 hours of that saw the transceiver shut off. You'd think...
      In any case, we're sure not talking a full day+, or anything close to what I was hoping/expecting to see for battery life. So now I'm in a wee bit of a panic.
      I did see that the phone had an update. GDR2? In any event, the OS version is now at 8.0.10327.77.
      I'm resisting an urge to run down to the Verizon store and tear up the contract, maybe stamp my feet and carry on if necessary. I'm kinda tired and I could easily see me doing that
      But, I'll hold off until it's fully charged again and give it another go tomorrow. If the battery life doesn't exceed that of my tired ol' GS2 which it currently is not, it's off to the Verizon store.
      Ok. So there's that. Now for the head scratching stuff. There's no offical Dropbox app. Yes, I know. Skydrive. But I use Dropbox, and I want an official app. There's some snafu going on here between Nokia and Dropbox, I think, but the details don't matter to me. I wants it and I wants it now. *stomps feet*  Or I'll settle for a decent alternative suggestion?
      Then there's G+ Hangouts. There's no official app for that? What? Can I even do a Hangout on the 928? Still looking into that.
      There's no Chromecast app. Chromecast does require a phone app (or tablet app) to run it. So...
      People, I'm telling ya, if battery life post-update doesn't really wow me, this lovely piece of technology is going back.
      I'm hoping I've missed a bunch of things because the phone seems snappy and the screen is fairly beautiful. The camera and some of the included apps are pretty nice.
      Lines are open... haha....  (translation: 'H-hhhhhhhhhelppppppp!')  
    • cskenney
      By cskenney
      I am looking for advice on a new smartphone. I have had a Droid Incredible for a couple of years now and it has developed a few problems (like randomly shutting off). I live in a rural area so 4G isn't really a selling point for me at this time. I am wondering what you guys think about the various phones that are offered by Verizon Wireless (they are my carrier today).
      Obviously iPhone4S is one option (which is what I believe my wife is asking for).
      A friend has the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and commented that the battery life is incredible.
      There is also the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is popular and has the latest Android OS.
      I was thinking about trying to wait to see if Verizon had the Samsung Galaxy III but I don't think I can put it off much longer with the random shutdowns.
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