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What's the current best 16- or 24-port switch?


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Check out this article on switches that gets to the unmanaged/managed:




They did a three-part series that looks in detail at the features that can be leveraged in a smart/managed switch.


The DLink that you linked to certainly has the right feature set at that price point....a purely unmanaged switch.


Here is another on NewEgg:




This is a smart switch that can "monitor switch performance, configure ports, even set up port trunks, VLANs, and traffic prioritization. Alternatively, use SNMP-based software to manage your Smart Switch. Shipped ready for use straight out of the box, it delivers switching that’s easy to set up and use. NETGEAR ProSafe Smart Switches are ideal for adding basic management to your unmanaged networks and extending your managed networks." At another $139, if you need to be able to tweak those parameters, it seems to be worth it. If you don't need these features, then stick to the unmanaged and save teh extra cash.


Like anything else, what is the feature set that you need and what is the budget? If you are cool without the managed/smart features and are set at being at about $150, go for the DLink. If you need to do port trunking, VLAN, QOS, VOIP phones, etc., then you are talking about the $300 or so price point.



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Thanks, Jim. Hey, can you check that 2nd link in your post?


My budget? I'm basically looking for the best bang for the buck under $150.


At some point soon I'm going to make a serious effort to use pfSense as my router. Since I know little about networking, I figure this is a good way to learn. Plus I hear that it's a better than the typical router you buy in a big box store. So, if I put all this effort into my home network, the last thing I want is a switch does not handle heavier traffic well. Basically, I want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when the Internet seems slow, it really is the Internet and not some weak link in my home network.

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Duh! At $150, go with gigabit unmanaged. If you are not using VLAN/QOS/SNMP stuff, don't pay for it. Here is an unmanaged Netgear: http://www.netgear.com/business/products/switches/unmanaged-desktop-switches/GS116.aspx


And a smart one:



Take a look at these and you'll see the differences. You can then compare price and features. I run a GS724ATC24 port and love the performance.



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Are we still liking this DLink 24-port switch? I'm looking to replace a green gigabit 8-port TRENDNet TEG-S80G.


A 16-port works just as well for me, if anyone has a suggestion for one of those.


And can someone give me a little detail on why I would want managed or unmanaged? What can you do specifically with managed? Couple examples?


Sure do, I have the 16 port version and Tim has the 24 port version. Very fast. Throughput went up about 8% over my older 8 port.

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Guest no-control

Plus I hear that it's a better than the typical router you buy in a big box store.


uhhh....who told you that? A well optioned prosumer router can be on par with PFSense. My DIR-655 has all the upper end capabilities including remote management, DDNS, VLAN, QoS, Firewall, Virtual Server, url filtering, DMZ, Static Routing, WiFi traffic prioritization & a Guest Zone. And this is an end of life model! Newer models incorporate dual band, better heat management etc...


I've installed and briefly used many router software packages and while they are powerful and great for certain applications. I have yet to find a need in my home for one that an off the shelf router didn't do for less cash outlay and lower operating costs. Not to mention the learning curve.


Just my $.02 worth

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Dual-band with regards to routers is irrelevant. A good AP will take care of that, no?


As to my reasons, I've never owned a router that I didn't suspect. Admittedly, that may be due to a lack of networking knowledge which working with pfSense should increase, no?


How many users in your home? I have anywhere from 4 to 10 devices connected at any one time. While I'm sure most routers are advertised as capable of handing this much traffic, I have to wonder. So I will check out pfSense. If it's a fail or proves too much for me to grasp, I'll hook my old Netgear back up.

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Guest no-control

Was just my opinion.....


Admittedly, that may be due to a lack of networking knowledge which working with pfSense should increase, no?





How many users in your home?


4-6 users, 10-12 devices at any given time not including VMs. The router has nothing to do with internal traffic between devices just WAN/LAN. Your switch should be taking care of LAN communication. If you have 10 devices simultaneously demand loading your internet connection. I doubt the router is at issue for poor performance. Most likely its your ISP package. While there is performance to be gained by going with a high end router make sure its your router that is the bottleneck before investing time and money. If all you want to do is learn....use a VM

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