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What programs are you using on your Media Center?


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I'm just curious what programs people are running on their Media Center PC's. I have a dedicated PC as my Media Center and am running MyMovies and MediaBrowser. Although I have not been using MediaBrowser lately. I also run my Zune client and planned on running the Eye-Fi client on it as well.

Anyone running VMCPlayit?
Hulu Desktop
Media Player Classic

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Good topic Dave, here are mine:

Home Server Connector, of course!
Total Media Theatre
MediaPlayer Classic
HuluDesktop w/ WMC plugin
Vmcnetflix (for extenders)
Media Center Health Monitor
Media Center Studio
Virtual Clone Drive
DVRMS Toolbox
Show Analyzer
My channel logos
Google Calendar Plugin

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Ha! Good one CSK.
How do you like Media Player Classic? Do you call it from MyMovies? I've been thinking about trying that and using the option of saving where I am at in the DVD.

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haha, I may be the Diehard of the MCE world :-) I wouldn't go without them though, they're all great and rock solid for me.

MPC-HC is good for playing blu-ray rips that you want subtitle support and hardware acceleration combined. Currently you can't get that working very well with TMT or Power DVD. I call it just like the Hulu WMC plugin, or through MyMovies. It minimizes WMC, plays the movie, and then brings WMC back in focus when done.

EDIT - Here's a good link from Damian over at mediasmartserver.net showing how to get it all rolling.

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We don't use Media Center as a primary source due to lack of Premium HD content. It's my wife's desktop, which has regular desktop usage.
The MediaCenter specific software that is installed is MyChannelLogos, Recorded TV Manager. I think that's about it.

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Interesting. I need to try it. I was more daring with my Media Center when I was running Win7RC because I knew I would eventually format and re-install. Now I'm running the real thing I have been very tight with what I install.

I have Play On installed and hardly use it so vmcPlayit or TubeCore is certainly in my future. I would be interested in any comparison if someone has used both.

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