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Video Camera for HTPC Build


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I use C310 on top of my lcd from 12 foot away and not to bad,



that sais, i too have been eying a better zoom/1080 cam

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Thanks for the comment (and the Logictech Link article -- it's on my Xmas list now)


Is the Lifecam Studio what you used on the last Webcast?


What advantage did you see it having over the Logictech? Do you use a stand or hang it on top of the monitor/TV?



Yes it was however it is really hard to tell as the video streaming software downgrades the resolution. As JediTim said, the C910 is a great camera and it really depends what you use it for. Both will work great over the internet however if you end up doing video captures locally

the MS HD will do a better job. For web use or video conferencing, both are great cameras. I would get the one that you find the best deal on.
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Thanks for the input!


Do you hang it on top of your monitor/TV?


I hang it from the top of my monitor.

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I use this one when I Skype or Hangout from my Family room, on my big screen. I've been happy with it.


Amazon has a pretty good deal on it right now.




I got the 910 Tim!! Thanks for the suggestion!! And thanks to everyone else for their suggestions and comments. I may be getting another one in the near future.

Tested the 910 this afternoon with my wife in a google hangout!

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