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Slow backup AND connector install issue on 1 PC


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I installed WHS 2011 after a 2nd system drive failure on my EX-495 and have 2 issues.



EX-495 with WD Blue 320 for System and one 1.5 TB Black WD for data.

All backups are going to the 1.5 TB drive.

Standard memory for the EX-495.

D-Link Gb router. D-Link Gb 8 port switch.


This is a test environment for me right now and that's why I don't have any more drives in it.

I'll add disks if I can get this system to work ok.

I still have the most recent, and working, V1 disks in case I need to go back to it.


Issue 1 - VERY, VERY slow backup times

It seems that every backup takes forever.

The latest example is the initial up a 320GB laptop drive. This took 19 hours.

It is over WiFi and I expect it to take a little longer but 19 hours is extreme.


Another example is a non-initial backup of my HTPC 1TB drive.

This ran for over 6 hours and was only 70% done.

Both systems are wire connected to the Gb switch and it was done overnight so I can't blame network speed.


I have seen at least one non-initial backup on the HTPC that took a reasonable time. 40 minutes. This was before the long backup above.


Issue 2 - Connector won't install on one of my PCs

I'm having the same issue referenced in another post here (http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2425-whs-2011-connector-issues/) and will review it for the solution.

I think this is a .NET 4 issue and will uninstall / reinstall it to try to fix this.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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Put one on the wire and see if your speed issues continue. If not, start looking at network issues. <You say one is wi-fi but then say both are wired?>


Do you have another router or switch you could test? The swict could come off one of the LAN Ports of the router and all systems connect to the switch.


Just my initial thoughts.

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It is a little confusing IsYet. Perhaps if you said how many client machines you have, maybe give them names so we can distinguish, and say how each one is connected, then what backup issues you are having with each one.

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I noticed the 'Both' after posting and see that wasn't clear.


By that I meant that both the HTPC and the WHS (the 2nd slow backup example) are connected via wire through the same Gb switch.


I do have the network configured like you describe.

All computer connections go through the switch.

The only connections on the router are to the switch and the WAN. The router also serves all WiFi traffic including the laptop with the very slow backup.


I stream HD video (not during the backup window) over the network and am pretty sure the network is running well.


I'll restart those devices and do some testing there to be sure though.

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Copying a large file back and forth from the WHS to the client computers can give you an idea of overall speed. I like to use RoboCopy to do this because it will give you an actual average speed report when it's done.

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