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Looking for a small form factor PC to pair with WHS2011 and a Drobo


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Thanks for the info! Do you think the hp n40l processor is good enough to handle whs 2011 running a home lighting software (homeseer), mymovies (converting dvd to mp4's), and streaming recorded tv to the homeserver website?




Like Jim and other's in the Forums I haven't seen any problems streaming from WHS2011 even when I was running WHS2011 as a VM in S2008R2 and later S2012RC on the MicroServer.


As my Sig block shows below -- I'm now running WHS2011 as the Host on a N40L with no Add-in's but Stablebit DrivePool & Scanner and Allway Sync and it has rock solid since the day it went live.


I have no experience with the requirements of HomeSeer so I can't help you there. Maybe someone who uses that can chime in?


Converting DVD's to MP4's -- Like Jim suggested -- I think you're looking at "at least" an i3 based machine -- I do my MP4 conversions on my desktop with an i7 and I do Camtasia video format conversions on my HTPC with an i5. I can't imagine an N40L being able to handle that at all (with any reasonable performance while also running your other applications U mentioned) and I wouldn't try it.


The Fujitsu that Jim has is a nice looking Small Business Server IMHO -- and Jim caught a really good deal on that machine. Fujitsu and HP SBS's with i3's are regularly going on sale at Newegg and elsewhere so you could keep your eye out for those sales or look into building your own. I would expect some great sales in the comming months.

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