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Windows Media Center Connector to WHS -- hangs after entering password -- Help !

James Walker

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Hello everyone;

I hope someone may have an idea or an answer to an issue I am having;


I am trying to connect my Win7 pc to my WHS v1 using the Windows Media Center connector to WHS. I have movies and mucis on the WHS v1 that I want to be able to view in Windows Media center, I also have recently purchase the HDhomerun and want to store shows on teh WHS and view them through Windows Media center. However when I run the WMC connector to WHS it hangs after I enter the password in and never completes. I have tried several things recommend by other post and sites.


tried with and without the firewall turned on -- Win 7 system


Tried to add exceptions to the firewall --- Win 7 system


Used the WHS toolkti to troubleshoot the connector issue.


WHS reports everything is fine, when run on Win 7 it reports and issue with the version of the connector software is not the same as what is on the WHS. I uninstalled and re-installed the version from both the \\<yourserever>\software\ site and from the http:\\<yourserver>:55000 site and I get the same results same error message formt he toolkit and still the Media center connector for WHS will not connect. I also deleted the directory \<program files>\windows Home server each time following the instructions online and through the WHS toolkit and re-installed connector and still the Media center connector will not complete.


I checkd my router and it is allowing the WHS to commincate on all the ports.


I have tried this from tow other win 7 computers on my network and I get the same results.


All computers including the WHS are on the same IP subnet.


I can RDP into the server and connect via the WHS connector icon on the desktop. I can connect thought the drive mapping and via the internet. But I cannot get the Windows Media center connector for WHS to connect and finish.


I checked and I am using the correct password for the WHS.


Is there something else I can try or do?



Thank you

James Walker

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I've never used the WMC Connector so can't speak to that, but I would change the Library Location to reflect the shares on the server. It should really be that simple to connect.


Are you speaking of the location for media within WMC? If so, it sounds like the HomeGroup issue has raised its head again. If you have HomeGroups enabled, turn them off.

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I've been having the same problem connecting to WHS with the Win 7 RC, both 64 and 32 bit installs. Been driving me crazy! However, I think I found the solve:


The LAN Manager authentication level has no default value. If you set this to 'Send NTLM response only' it will accept the password and connect to WHS.


Run secpol.msc

Drill down through Local Policies | Security Options.

Find Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level.

Set this Send NTLM response only.

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Of course, that only works on Pro and Ultimate versions, since you can't directly access policy managers in Home Premium.

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Of course, that only works on Pro and Ultimate versions, since you can't directly access policy managers in Home Premium.

An excellent point, and a good reminder.

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Thank you all for commenting, I did try several things to try and fix the isssue before breaking down and re-loading my WHS V1. After I reloaded the server and and re-installed the windows connector , the WHS connector to Windows Media center was able to connect but that was two weeks ago. I finally installed and setup the HDhomerun and was looking at how to get the TV shows moved to WHS when I notced the WHS Mediacenter connector was not listed in WMC so I went and ran the install agian and it started failing like it had done previously. As part of my erailier troubleshooting I used the WHS tool kit to diagnosis issue with my connection from the Win 7 to the WHS v1. On the WHS V1 side it reports everything is fine but on the WIN 7 side it reports several issues including one that after I had did my re-install of WHS and reload of WHS connector it reported had been resolved but now shows unresolved. It reports that the server side version of the WHS connector and the client side version are not the same but they were the same after I had did a full re-load and re-install of the WHS connector two weeks ago and becasue these tow are not the same version the WHS and WMC connector cannot connect; I suspect there is a WHS update that is updating the client software and not updating the server side or updating the registry. Has anyone esle seen this?

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      As a side note: I was talking with Jim Collison today and he mentioned that using OpenDNS as a router's DNS server can (I believe he actually said 'will') interfere with establishing connection between v1 and client PC during the PC Restore process. Good to know. I'll check that out next time I visit my daughter.
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