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Possible Network Setup


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Hi Guys

I'm thinking about setting up a virtual network and making one of the VMs a WHS2011. This is how the physical server will be setup:


QuadCore running @ 2.66Ghz

16Gigs Ram

12TB HD space (6x2TB drives)


I want to have a 2003 or 2008 server on it as well as a XP, Win7, WHS 2011, and Linux running on it. The VM OS with be ESXi 4.1. Is there anything I should be aware of or should look out for?



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Guest no-control

Make sure you follow the white box hardware guideline to ensure ESXi will play with you're hardware. Keep hypervisor, VMs, and data all on separate physical drives. Implement a backup solution for both the HV and VMs. Also make sure you fully understand the VM hypervisor environment before you decide to use it as a production server. I would consider a RAID solution as well for a production server to maintain uptime. Otherwise have fun.

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and to add that ESXi is very "hyper" about the NIC cards you use. Just about anything Intel is ok.


Storage looks good, but I would purchase one smaller drive for the OS and another for backups of WHS. Your one drive short for what I like to do.

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