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System crashes on HDMI connection


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So I am having a problem with a new HTPC build.


When connected to HDMI the Windows splash screen shows breifly, then the computer resets into the abonomal shutdown dialog and offers safe mode. If I boot with a VGA or DVI cable connected, the system starts normally. I can sucessfully boot into safe mode and into the BIOS with the HDMI connected.Tried two different HDMI cables, Two different HDMI devices, with out change to the symptom. AppleTV and XBOX will both drive the HDMI display with out issue.



Intel HD3000 graphic driver

Video BIOS 2080


My build:


Motherboard Revision : Rev1.xx

Motherboard BIOS Revision : 5/17/2011 1702

CPU Type : i5 2500K

Memory Vendor : Corsair

Memory Model : CMX16GX3M4A133C9

Memory Capacity : 16G

HDD Vendor : OCZ

HDD Model : VTX3-25sat3-120G

HDD Capacity : 120G


Windows 7 64bit


Video BIOS 2080.0


The motherboard has been back to ASUS, and I am playing the one question a day e-mail support from ASUS.


Any ideas on what I may have missed or what else I can try?



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After some digging, it seems this is a driver issue. Someone was complaining about this issue in the newegg reviews, which lead me to this page:



It seems the solution for those folks was to revert the driver back to : (


Where did you get the ( driver? The ( is the one currently on ASUS' site for that board.




Hope this helps :)

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I loaded the 2361 driver as part of troublshooting this issue, it came directly from the intel downloads.


Let me grab the 2219, and see what happens





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