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Raid-5 migration from V1 to V2


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I am actually on V1. Can't migrate from V1 to V2 just now. Too much software are not yet supported on v1. However, I need more space and security.


I'd like to install Raid5 across 6 2TB drive using the standard WHS V1 functionality (the same one that could be found on XP PRO) enabling Raid5 across multiple disks. This means no fancy controller, Drive could be connected to multiple different Sata disks controller etc...


I undrestand that I am loosing some performance and on write operation the CPU will have to crunch the data needed for parity and I am willing to live with this.


However, when I will move to V2, will my new install of WHS will be able recognize this drive array? Anybody tried this in the past?


I guess that if you have done such "moving from XP to Windows 7" while keeping a Raid Array this would means it should work to in my scenario.


Your help, advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't think you're going to get a definitive answer on this, as there as quite a few variables. However, I can tell that I have a 4-drive eSATA enclosure that's connected to my WHSv1 using a port-multiplier card installed in the WHSv1. The drives are configured as JBOD in the enclosure and I used the Server 2003 Disk Manager to create a RAID0 array of them.


I have moved that external box to another computer, a Win7 box in fact, and then used the Import Foreign Disk option of Disk Manager to gain access to the array again. It worked in my case. I subsequently moved the array back to the WHSv1 after I did a Recovery of it. Again I used the Import Foreign Disk option of Disk Manager to gain access to the array and, again, it worked.


My main reason for moving the enclosure was so i had access to my files while the recovery was going on.


I would strongly caution you to make very certain that you have a solid backup in place before trying this. With that caveat, it could be worth a try.

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I moved a 4 x 1.5 TB Software Raid 0 from Vista to W7 with success. I had the same hardware when changing. So it is doable. If the data isn't critical then it is worth a shot but if you want to better odds that it would work, you should use a controller.

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If you are using the EXACT same hardware, the RAID array should stay in tact. However, you need to backup your data just as a precaution.

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