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What Happens After Technet?


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I'm not really sure where to put this topic, but feel free to move it (as if you need my approval...).


So I was one of the folks who last year signed up for technet because it was dirt cheap. Well now my year is up and I don't really feel like I need to renew. That is unless my licenses that I have grabbed will expire after my year is up. Now, the guy that called me from Microsoft told me that if I don't renew, I lose access to the software that I have downloaded and obtained licenses for. This goes contrary to what I thought, and I'm hoping that some technet vets will be able to help me out with this one. If I lose my licenses I think I might sign up again, but if I can keep those, I don't plan on renewing. Lastly, if I let my subscription lapse, what happens to the licenses? What happens if I use the same email to sign up again next year. I have some computers that are using win7 on the technet umbrella. So I don't want those computers to crap out on me the next time Microsoft does a "Is it genuine?" check.

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Nope. This has been discussed before, because a lot of folks were concerned about this very subject. But you're licenses are still good and will continue to be after your subscription ends. The MS rep said that you lose access to the software, which is true, but I would imagine you've dl'd the iso's you wanted by now. Likewise for all the keys you're eligible for. So unless things have changed, and I'm pretty sure they haven't, you still have your 10 activations per license.

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So what happens if I re-up in another year? Has anyone done that? Does everything get freshened up? That would be nice...

My understanding is that you get a new set of licenses (the ones that MS is offering at the time of re-up) and still get to keep your old ones.

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You know, that's what I thought. But I'm not so sure. I re-upped but I don't recall seeing a new set of keys available. Maybe they become available as needed? Like if you use up you allowed activations from the last subscription period?

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