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Hey Guys,


It was requested that I create a monthly donation option via PayPal for any member wishing to donate a small amount monthly. I have it set up and you can find it on the blog front page under donate. There is a $2, $5, and $10 monthly recurring option that will terminate after 12 cycles.


All donators will be given access to the Donations forum where we discuss new things for the podcast, blog, and forums. I rely heavily on these member opinions.


There is no requirement for a donation or a specific amount. Your participation here in the forums is what I really like but 100% of the donations will go to pay the bills.


Thank you for the consideration.



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    • Dave
      By Dave
      Donations to HSS go straight to my monthly costs of running this site and as a donating member you are assigned extra privileges. The biggest thing is your forums name is tagged as a donating member. Your name will be green in the members list and a special tag will be added to your name to indicate your donation. It doesn't matter if you donate $10 or $100 you still get the tag.
      You will also be assigned to a new forum for Donating Members in which we discuss forum matters. This is the group that I turn to when I have a question about a feature, etc. I rely heavily on the opinions of the folks that have made donations as I see them as cornerstones of this community. If you are willing to donate it means you care about this board and what we do here. It means a lot to me that you donate your hard earned dollars to this community.
      The real reason for this post is to inform Donating Members that I have a new assignment for you! Check the forum that I have setup for you and discuss the matter in there.
      If you haven't made a donation you can via this link. Join us. (no kool-aid involved) Just some fine folks!
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