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Confused about WHS 2011 Backup Setup

Guest bradk

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Is it possible to designate an internal drive as a backup (I know it really defeats the purpose of moving backups offsite)? I'm having a horrible time keeping my USB backup drive online.



Absolutely and it is actually a preferred way. The best is to use the internal drive, then use a service like Cloudberry for just certain folders to replicate in the cloud automatically.

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Hrm ... I'm trying to figure out how one would use the Server Backup functionality in an off-site rotation plan. Where would I find information on how to do this? I'll be looking for this myself, but if someone has already figured it out, it would be most kind to point me in the right direction :) ... :runs off to Google:

I've written up my experiences using Server Backup with two disks rotated offsite here: http://gcoupe.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/server-backups-in-windows-home-server-2011/


There are some quirks, but it sort of works. The purging of a full backup drive doesn't always seem to work when a drive first becomes full, and I got errors. Eventually though, the second drive got purged, so I think that you just have to give it time.

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