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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Greg Welch

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Just did my update to 7.5 , now i get to use it today and ill report back 9-29-2011 :)


I updated mine last night thanks to the help of vinylfreak.. :)


Theres so much new stuff it's like I got a new phone.

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I'm still finding all kinks of stuff, very pleased, funny thing is you don't see it right off you have to snoop then you find all kinds of stuff.


I know how you got it early LOL


Nice trick


Now that's good gossip LOL

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I have and HD7s but it's not updating yet. I tried the 'disconnect the internet' trick and that didn't work either. Looks like I have to wait patiently.



OK this is the secret: right after you hit update pull the RJ45 right away and if it doest work do it again , ive done 2



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Welch - do you have the HD7S? I have tried pulling the ethernet right away, waiting a few seconds, putting the phone in airplane mode, I just don't think it works.

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I put Zune and my network connections side by side.. hit the check for updates and real quick disabled the ethernet... I've done both of our phones now without a hitch


you can turn the ethernet back on as soon as the black update window appears

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  • 3 weeks later...




also ran across the list of mango updates:


Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo integration in the People Hub

- Groups: Organize contacts by groups which can also be pinned on the start screen

- Contact cards now include all the contacts conversation history (sms,mails,mms etc..)

- Facebook Places check-in support

- Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat integration

- Threads: All messaging communication organized in a single thread (IM+SMS/MMS)

- Threaded email conversations support

- Outlook Tasks support: via Exchange. Tasks / To-Do’s are then located in the calendar

- Facebook events integrated into the calendar

- Linked mail accounts: Multiple email accounts can be combined and linked into one inbox.

- Built-in voice-to-text/text-to-voice functionality, which will allow for hands-free texting or chatting.

- Server Search (Exchange)

- Complex (alpha-numeric) password support

- Information Rights Management support for protecting e-mails and Office documents

- Outlook Out Of Office replies support

- Visual Voice Mail: depends on carrier support

- Send Direct Message on Twitter : D Username + Message (can’t receive DM directly on the phone though)

- Share Music and Videos with Windows Live Messenger (PC to Phone)




- Bing Vision: barcode (US only), covers (US Only),DVD/CD/BR scanning (US Only), QR Code ,MS Tags and OCR text translation

- Bing Audio / Music Search; Shazam like audio search

- Bing Local Scout: Around me business locator

- Bing Quick Cards: Product/Media information, reviews

- Bing Maps: Indoor Maps (US Only) (Video demo)

- Bing Search: Image search results

- Bing Search: Extras / App Connect

- Bing Maps: Turn-by-Turn navigation Voice guidance

- Bing Maps: Submit correction for POIs to Microsoft directly from the handset

- Color dithering applied to Bing Daily image


Office Hub:


- Skydrive and Office 365 documents syncing. (PDF supported but Adobe PDF app required to view them)

- Share Skydrive hosted content over email, SMS and chat (Messenger / Facebook)

- Excel Mobile now supports Sum function

- Microsoft Lync support via downloadable application

- Music and Video Streaming from Skydrive via the browser.


Pictures Hub:


- Direct access to the camera roll

- People / Groups photo gallery (Skydrive and Facebook syncing)

- People tagging in the photos (Skydrive and Facebook syncing)

- Photo Auto-Fix: Automatically improves sharpness, brightness etc..

- Picture Hub Tile is now animated

- Video sharing via MMS and Email

- Video uploads to Facebook and Skydrive (upload is done in the background)

- Stream videos hosted on Skydrive.


Music & Video:


- Zune SmartDJ Mix support

- Artist picture now displays on lock screen when music is played

- UI change of the media controls on the lock screen

- Re-located playback controls

- Re-located Shuffle / Repeat controls

- Ability to re-size video aspect-ratio during playback

- Single music track repeat without having to pin it on the start screen

- Podcast downloads / Subscriptions (US only)

- Open / Play media content by voice

- Improved artist images

- Improved History and New

- Better data management for Zune Pass subscribers: shows current data consumption

- Ability to create music playlists directly on the phone

- Improved color dithering in the video player

- Ability to scrub/seek in videos via the timeline




- Revamped Marketplace UI and search

- New categories




- Disable/Enable Shutter sound

- UI changes (new icons + added arrow icon on the lower left of the viewfinder to indicate camera roll)

- Settings are now saved when the Camera application is closed

- Smoother 720P video recording

- Touch Focus Touch the screen to trigger the camera shutter

- Front Facing camera support


Xbox / Games hub:


- Re-designed games hub

- 3D Avatar

- Avatar customization is now integrated in the Hub

- Friends and achievement now integrated in the hub

- In-Game purchase API

- Improved game request notifications

- Improved Spotlight content

- Improved Xbox LIVE messaging

- Edit your profile

- Improved Spotlight Content


IE9 Mobile:


- Hardware accelerate HTML5 rendering

- Support for HTML5 video playback (through the native media player) and Background Audio Streaming

- Geolocation

- New JavaScript Engine and support for CSS3

- New UI with URL bar at the bottom of the screen

- URL Bar and UI now available in landscape

- Color dithering is now enabled in the browser and Browser control


Other OS changes:


- Third party applications Multi-Tasking and fast application switching

- Battery Saver: Enabling this feature will allow the phone to automatically disable power consuming services and applications running in the background.

- Hardware search button will now always access Bing Search. A search Icon is now added in the native apps to search in them.

- Ringtone manager

- Search icon and Jumplist added to the application list

- 16 new languages supported

- East-Asian hand-written recognition

- New on screen Keyboard with support for new languages and emoticons

- New Live tiles (can have content displayed on the front and back)

- Live Tasks and Background agents

- App Connect: Deep linking into third party applications. A specific application feature can also be pinned on the start screen

- Hidden WiFi network support

- Optional 32bit color support for Silverlight applications

- Silverlight 4 support with all of its 1500+ APIs

- Silverlight + XNA support in the same application

- Raw Camera feed access

- New Sensor API (Compass, Gyro, Accelerometer)

- New Listbox control with improved scrolling performances

- New WebBrowser control uses IE9 rendering engine

- Clipboard API

- Hardware accelerated video decoding in the Mediaplayer control

- TCP/IP Sockets support

- SQL Compact 4.0 engine Embedded Database

- Background file transfer

- Generational Garbage Collector

- NEON/SIMD support for XNA applications

- Qualcomm MSM7X30 and MSM8X55 SoCs support

- XNA games are no longer limited to 30fps (info)

- Phone shutdown confirmation: long press on the power button and then slide down the screen to shutdown

- Wifi Hot-Spot support. Carrier depended.

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