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Replacing System Drive in v1


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Hi All,


I've searched but can't find the answer I need.


I want to move my existing v1 data disks across to a new HP Microserver, so I install the 3 drives

and then do a server recovery to the new system drive and let it rebuild the tombstones, etc.


I can't find however how to remove my existing system drive from the pool before shutting down the

old machine and moving drives. I don't have enough room to duplicate everything and I thought there

was a utility around to force any pool data from the system drive (sure I did this once before).


Not worried about backups, just don't want to lose any data in the pool.



Thanks in advance.


Paul Turtle

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Finally found what I was after. The program is called 'drive balancer' and is made to evenly distribute data across your

WHS v1 pool drives. It can optional include / exclude the D: drive, so by telling the program to move all 'data' from the

D: drive, you can then remove the system drive and replace with another drive and do a 'server recovery'.



Paul Turtle

Sydney, Australia

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