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Windows Phone Crashes Hard


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So, I had my first software failure on my HD7S Windows Phone and thought I would share the dirty details here.


What Happened: The phone was nearly out of battery so I plugged it in. As I did, I turned it on to check my e-mail and the screen froze on me. I waited for a minute, tried to use the power button, but it was not responding.


What I Did: Like a good geek, I unplugged the phone, took out the battery, pushed the power button for a second, waited a minute, put the battery back in, plugged in the phone and turned it back oh.


Result?: Very slow boot followed by the message that my storage card was not working. Several reboots later, same behavior. Searched the forums and called HTC support who had me do a hard reset of my phone (FYI, you get an awful BSOD/DOS Prompt when you do this). It WORKED! Sort of....


While the phone was updated, the restore from the Zune software did not! In fact, despite the phone supposedly being backed up each time I sync, there was no restore button. Looked like I would have to start from scratch. Nice thing is that WP7 lets you log into Facebook, Live, and Google and starts to repopulate your address book and other settings. Bad thing, all of the cleanup I did in my contacts (combining multiple entries into one person) were lost. All my settings (WiFi, theme, power preferences, etc) were lost. Good thing, like any fresh install the phone seemed to be a bit snappier.


Of course, this happened right before I left for a trip, so I was music-less and podcast-less. Sad.


The one surprising thing that may have caused the lack of restore option was that I had originally setup the phone when I had a regular hard drive in my computer. After installing and SSD and re-istalling the OS, I had to re-associate my phone with the 'new' computer. The Zune software states that you can only restore from the 'first computer you synced your phone to'. Really? Why the heck would that be?


Anyway, minor speed bump in an otherwise happy WP7 experience. Don't like having my first BSOD and not really sure what I did to cause the problem in the first place.


Let's hope Mango makes such nasty behavior a thing of the past.

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while i have had a just a few troubles over the last year with my W7 pnone, i cant wait for mango as well roumer has it, in the next week or so.


now onto the more pressing issue, you went on a trip without tunes or the latest PODCASTS - 1 LOL

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As I understand it, a number of the features of Mango are telco provider dependant. Is there any chance that following that guide could lead to you not getting the features specific to your provider?


I read that too, but i downloaded it thru zune site and havent seen any tmobil only items yet, what i can confirm is no Internet and talk at the same time. Bummer


this is release 7720 7.5

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I read that too, but i downloaded it thru zune site and havent seen any tmobil only items yet, what i can confirm is no Internet and talk at the same time. Bummer


this is release 7720 7.5

If you listen/watch the latest Windows Weekly netcast, there is an interview with the guy in charge of MS' mobile development. He talks about how he can only answer questions down to a certain level of the OS because, after that, it becomes provider dependant.

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I think they will roll out the Mango update for the HD7S this week, but I'm no longer holding my breath. I have tried ALL of the tricks with no luck.

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so you tried my link above? i had to try it a couple times but the trick is when in zune software and you hit update within 1-2 seconds it needs that to check internet then pull the rj45 out so it continues looking for update if it jumps right to the "you have no internet connection notice" do it again. got mine first try, my wifes took 4 trys

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      I have a WD PCI-e USB 3.0 card with a 3 yr old Seagate Backup Plus 2Tb drive connected that WHS places the Server OS backups to. 
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      I'm thinking I need to transfer the WHS OS Backup files on the Seagate Backup Plus USB drive onto another bare hard drive and insert into one of the N54L HD bays and see if it will then find the backup files. Thus eliminating the whole USB 3/2 interface. 
      Thanks in advance. 
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      Hi all,

      Maybe a silly question, but can you do a full restore of a pc, but on a new (and different sized) disk?

      I have one pc that has a failing disk, and I can go the clone(zilla) disk to disk route to move the data over, and resize it to the new size.
      But I was wondering if it's possible to use the USB restore stick in a way that you can do the same?
      I cannot seem to find any good info on this online.

      If not, this would be a nice addition to the restore tools... ;-)
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      logging into windows safe mode and disabling hype-v fixes it.
      I am running the os (128gb ssd) on port 1 of the b120i, and the bios is set to enable sata ahci support.
      I believe it is either a driver problem or a bios issue.
      My questions are:
      what do I need to change to get hyper-v to run on the ml10v2?
      Am I in the right bios sata mode?
      Could it be a driver issue in win 10 pro, which was a clean install?
      Does anyone know what the correct substitute drivers are for win 10: ie when a win 10 driver is not available, is it better to use a server 2008 or 2012?
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