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Dave's Article on BYTE


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I saw Dave's tweet on his BYTE article and headed on over to read it:http://www.informati...31602028?pgno=1.


On the third page I noticed some software screenshots that I had seen before:



I use the Altaro products and have found them to be a good "Time Machine" for Windows.

I guess Drobo liked them too.

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    • JROrtiz
      By JROrtiz
      I've been banging my head for a few days now trying to figure this out and I've run out of ideas. Hoping the very intelligent crew here can help me out.
      I have a Drobo 5N and a Synology RS816 on my network, both of which have been working without issue for quite some time now. I've always connected to both via Windows Explorer by simply going to the network address i.e., \\N5 and \\SYN (sample names). 
      I recently got a new desktop which is where the issues are coming up. When I try to go to \\N5, it results in a message saying it cannot find that location. However, \\SYN works just fine. What's strange is that I can see and manage the Drobo through the Drobo Dashboard software. What could be preventing Windows from seeing the Drobo on the network? 
      I've already enabled the SMB 1.x protocol, ensured the workgroup names are the same, rebooted both the machine and the Drobo, made sure network sharing is enabled, and even did a fresh install to ensure that some program I installed didn't cause the issue. Every other machine I have can access the Drobo without issue. It's just this new desktop, and everything is running Windows 10.
      Another strange phenomenon that I discovered is that if I go to "\\DROBO" (verbatim, not a sample name) it leads me to the Synology. Where is Windows getting the mapping from that it is directing that address to the Synology?
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      It's not really a deal (unless your name is drawn). Drobo is doing a giveaway.
      Enter for a chance to win a Drobo Mini or Drobo 5D every week starting now AND $2013 on December 31!
      Big, Big Drobo Giveaway.
      Disclaimer....I am in no way associated with Drobo.....I just want to WIN!!!!
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      I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do as well. From the blog:
      We are here to announce a new add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 but a simple mention of “Drive Extender” leads us down the path of talking about Drive Bender and StableBit for quite some time. We hit the news and it’s not all home server this week. There is so much in this episode you might have to listen twice!
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