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Program Windows Won't Maximize


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So I installed Win8 on a spare x64 box recently. It runs well except for one very annoying issue.

In traditional desktop mode I can open a program, start an install, etc. but the program

or installer won't maximize. The tab is in the taskbar, but there is no right click maximize option,

clicking on the tab doesn't help, nor does using alt\tab to select.


I was installing Adobe Flash 11 beta so I could watch you tube videos, and no luck. The installer begins

but it is stuck when it gets to the place where I have to agree to their terms. Aero Peek shows the box,

but once again I can't maximize the window to check the box.


Anyone have similar experiences or know how to fix it?I

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Did you check to see if the driver for the video card loaded properly? 8 may have loaded a generic driver not recognized by your system.

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