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Loaded windows 7 onto my SSD -- when I opened up the Computer my SSD was there as my C: drive but my WD Black 2T was not there. I checked Computer Management and it showed my WD as unallocated and asked me if I wanted to initialize it as MBR or GPT. What do people suggest and why (MBR or GPT)?


If it was a 3TB what would you suggest?



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If it can be MBR then MBR. If it is a 2.3TB or greater hard drive, and you intend to use partitions that size or larger, then GPT. If it is a boot drive (I realize not the case here) and < 2.3TB then definitely stick with MBR for now.

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Not much to add. For non EFI boards, it has to be MBR for booting but for storage drives like everyone says, it's about size.

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