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Remote Web Access Indication


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Hi Guys,


Have now had whs2011 runing for about a month and generally it has been great.


I have one thing that I have not been able to work out.


How/Where can I find who (out of my friends) is accessing my server through remote web access. I can see this through the lights out addin , but surely there must be somewhere in the server management tools that will also show me this information.


Also, can I disconnect someone if I so desire. I had a friend looking at my photos and he must have walked out but not logged out and I had him connected for the whole day and eventually had to restart the server to disconnect him.


Many thanks


Krys S

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To disconnect any Terminal Services connection, you can create a snap-in console from the Run command and type MMC. Add the Terminal Services snap in and you can see all the connections. To disconnect a User, highlight that use and choose Reset. "Poof", they are gone.


This has to be done from the Server Side.

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Many thanks for the reply jmwills,


Have opened up mmc and tried to add the Terminal Services snap in but "Terminal Services" is not listed.


What am I missing??



Krys S

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