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Trouble Installing WHS on an SSD


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I don't think that v1 had the 160 gig limitation. However, I would not go with anything less than 60 gigs.

v1 has a 65GB lower limit. Unfortunately, 64GB is a common size but is 1GB shy of enough. If I could bypass the limit I'd probably use 32GB, since 20GB is really all the space required for the system drive itself.


I filled the top 5.25 bay of my microserver with a tray that holds a 3.5" HDD on the bottom and a slim ODD on the top. I stuck an old laptop CD/DVD in the top for software loading. The face of the 3.5 space can be removed to allow external access. If I can get WHS v1 to install in 32GB, I'll buy a dual 2.5-in-3.5 hot swap caddy (example here) for the 3.5 space. I'll fill it with a pair of 32 GB SDDs in RAID1 format. For that I need to find a cheap, reliable, bootable RAID controller that's SSD compatible and has least 2 SATA ports to fit in one of the PCI slots. I'll leave the lower 4 drives in JBOD format with WHS v1 until I have the time and inclination to move to WHS 2011, or some other OS.


Thanks for your attention and help.

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