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It sounds like you are trying to put movies into two separate drives. The Move folder option in WHS 2011 is for moving the entire contents. If you are adding a drive, that is a different process in which you would use a library. We need to better understand how you are adding and setting up a drive.

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Well I got the process to work thanks to some more research on ya'lls and other forums. The fix was turning off media sharing in the dashboard and then stopping the service in "services" for WMP. Then rename the file and restart the services and it rebuilds the database. I apologize for some of my noobness in this guys and really do appreciate all the help.


My oldest is starting college and his sister is about 2 years behind him so the whole server thing was to back up family photos and movies first then second give my kids access to my movie collection and home pictures from whereever they may be in life. I tell ya'll this to show why and old redneck knucklehead like me is even attempting to have a server. Thank You all.

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