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The backup database has errors


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I have a EX470 with 4x1.5 TB drives internal, 4 USB drives external and an external Sans Digital TR4M-B eSATA with 2x2TB and 2x1.5 TB drives in it. One of the drives in the TR4M-B failed completely. I removed the drive physically and removed via the WHS software. I replace the drive, but since then I have had "The backup database has errors" warning.





I have run the Backup Database Repair Wizard a half dozen times, but it will not repair. It seems to stop at this point every time....




Is there a way to just nuke the entire backup DB and start fresh? I can't nuke the WHS totally as I have 11 TB of data on the drives.


Thanks for any help that you can give me.



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You say you removed the drive physically and removed it using WHS. Which did you do first? I have to assume you removed from WHS first as I can't see how it would successfully remove if the drive was physically missing. With what happened to you, it seems like it's looking for some of the dB on the drive you removed. Have you checked the logs?

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I physically removed the drive first since it was listed as 'Missing' in the console. I assumed it was dead. Then I removed it via the Console software.


Since posting this issue, I have done a lot of work to try to get the backups working again, but without success. I have removed all of the client machines from the Home Server by uninstalling the connector on all machines and then removing the machines from the console. After that I was able to do a Clean-up and Repair on the database. I still could not backup. I deleted the backup database by going to the server via RDP and going to a prompt and doing....

First net stop PDL.

Then net stop WHSBackup to stop the Windows Home Server Backup service.

Then deleted the contents of D:\folders\{00008086-058D-4C89-AB57-A7F909A47AB4}. Did not delete the folder.

Then started the the PDL and WHSBackup again.


I reinstalled one machine and still can't backup. I get an error saying that the server cannot write to the backup location.


I called HP a couple of times over the weekend. They suggested all that I tried. The last option they gave me was a Factory Restore. I have 15 TB of storage. That would be a huge pain!


Where are the logs located?

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