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Well, as of late my WAF(Wife Approval Factor) has been on a steady decline. The Cause, my HP EX495. It seems that the box don't seem to like server out 2 or more streams without the system going choppy. So when the wife is watching her recorded TV shows and the kids are both watching their Ripped DVDs all the videos starts to stutter.
Initially I though that it was a network bandwidth issue, but my entire network is running on Gigabit copper.But from trolling the different forums other people that are having the similar issue all seem to be pointing to drive access. Which basically means that I am SOL with that server.

This does not mean I am have lost faith in WHS, it just means I am sick of getting a Pre-Built. Here is what I am thinking of putting together. Probably way overkill for a WHS Server.

GA-P55-UD5 MB (Why, I got a refurb for $99)
Intel Core i5 CPU
Thermaltake 1200W Powersupply

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Do you already have all of this hardware? The reason I am asking is because a Core i3 530 (~$99 at Microcenter) would be more then sufficient for a WHS. I also think I have seen some H55 boards going for as low as ~$67.99 new after rebate. You also probably don

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I though about a core i3 but I don't think the motherboard will support it. Ram is really a moot point since I already have it. Plus when WHS 2 comes out I think I could still use the same system running x64.

Though about the VM setup too, but really didn't see a need, I run ESX at work so I get my fill of playing with it over there, and really not in the mood to duplicate work at home :). My Pick for the GA-P55-UD5 board was because it had 10 SATA ports, which hopefully means that I will not have to get more than 1 controller card. My only fear here is the AHCI drivers being compatible with Windows 2003 Server.

On the network issue, I can stream straight from my HDHomeRuns to any PC direct just fine, no Bandwidth issues, no stuttering. But Media being streamed from the EX495 is where I seem to get the hiccups. If I look at bandwidth monitor on the NIC on the EX495 while serving movies to 3 PCs at the same time I see about 3% utilization which believes me to think that it is not a network issue. That and I really cannot segment my switch like you can :) I run a 48 Port and all my wires go to it.

But I do want to thank you for some insightful suggestions :)

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Can I suggest adminime, you can look at your network, CPU, RAM and probably of most interest, your disk utilization when both of you are streaming your movie's this may give you the definitive word on what's wrong, if they are all fine, then its possible its more of a local issue to the "receiving" computer. Trying wireless connection (if possible) would stop what Octavean is mentioning easily.

Possibly overlapped on some suggestions here, but hope that helps

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CPU utilization is the kicker here. It is never constant during the streaming process. It is usually running between 55% and 100% with demigrator taking up most of the process.

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But I am not running anything on my Home Server short of the My Movies add-on, and Twonky that comes with the HP. I do not run any AV software nor am I doing any trans-coding. Short or thinking SQL 2005 is bloating up the CPU Usage at moments. With PP3 I have set my MCE boxes to dump all recordings to the WHS, but I though that was a MCE triggered process not WHS.

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