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Wi-Fi in a decent camera


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Well thats it "Wi-Fi in a decent camera" do they exist.

I just assumed I could buy on.

I want employees to take photos and have them upload imediately.


Most importantly I want the camera, easy, dedicated to the process (no phones or tablets) and reliable in is uploading eveytime.


Any suggestions.


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I haven't looked for this so I don't know if it exists. However, I do know that you could by an Eye-Fi card for your camera and it would do what you want.

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Hi. thanks....I'm using the eye-fi card at home and that was my first thought for work but I need to buy a cheap camera for the job so I thought I would just get one with wi-fi built in.

All I have found so far that is cheap $$ is the Samsung SH100


Still looking

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